Cowboy chic


two men in suits and a cowboy hat

When I was in Dallas a couple weeks ago, my flight was delayed 3 hours. I ended up being grateful for the delay because in the time I was waiting, I encountered these two very dapper young gentlemen. (I don’t envy them, however - their plane was delayed 9 (!!!) hours.)
Caleb (in the striped suit, shirt and tie) and Jacob (grey plaid jacket) are good friends from Louisiana. The way they’re dressed here is the way they usually dress, elevating style wherever they go. (Refreshing, no?)
This manner of dressing was inspired by Caleb’s younger cousin, who began the trend a number of years ago. At the time, Caleb was 15 and Jacob was 20. Both of them admired the cousin’s new style, and were inspired to start dressing the same way. They went to Goodwill to find some suits, and they’ve been dressing like this ever since!
Both Caleb and Jacob are wearing primarily thrifted pieces. They thrift most of their clothes from Goodwill, where they make incredible discoveries. Caleb’s suit was one such wonderful find: a @josabank suit. Jacob’s pants and vest are thrifted, but his blazer is made-to-measure from the now defunct Suitopia. I got a peek at the lining of his blazer, and was so impressed by the beautiful, intricate details of the lining (check out the last photo!). Men, if you’re in the market for something made-to-measure, check out Hockerty, which, considering that they are made-to-measure, has extremely reasonable pricing.
Caleb works in building maintenance and lawn care at an elderly care facility. At work, he wears Hawaiian shirts and cargo pants - it makes the elderly people in the facility happy.
Jacob works as an electrician and needs to wear a uniform at work.
Meeting these two young men was so uplifting. I hope they're a style inspiration wherever they go!