Powerful in pink

woman in pink shirt and floral trousers

When you encounter Ella Kanner, you can't help but notice her. She has a magnetic presence, and the clothes and accessories she chooses - the huge pink sunglasses, the eye-catching metallic pink blouse - are in complete harmony with her bigger-than-life personality.

I passed by Ella as I walked into a cafe to meet a friend for coffee, and as I sat down, I whispered to my friend that I would love to photograph the woman in metallic pink. My friend whispered back that she had noticed her on the way in and thought I might feel that way.

As Ella was getting up to leave, my coffee date said "She's leaving, go after her!"... and I did.

Ella has accomplished many things in her lifetime. She's a published author, a life coach and has recently become an investor in Wonder Jewel, a startup with a mission that is close to her heart. (Ella's big gray ring with a white "stone" in the middle is one of their products.)

Wonder Jewel is an innovative line of "smart" jewelry which can be activated when the wearer feels uncomfortable or threatened. Activating the jewelry sends a distress signal that includes the wearer's location. The line is designed by Bezalel graduate Nitzan Kish, who combined her expertise in jewelry-making and technology to create fashionable self-defense jewelry.

Genius, no?

The line is still in development, but you can sign up to be notified when they're available for purchase. Check them out here: Wonder-Jewel

pink glasses

self defense jewelry

wonder jewel bag