Classic edgy chic


edgy chic

Galit attended Tel Aviv Fashion Week with her daughter, Adi (her post will be coming soon!).

Galit owns a clothing store in Netanya, as well as some other businesses.

She's dressed classically - and almost all in Zara - but with a bit of edge.

The color palette is simple (solid black, cream and tan), but every item has beautiful little details that elevate the outfit and keep it from being boring:
✨ Her brushed satin cream blouse has little pearls at the collar and lovely gathered cuffs.
✨ The leggings are faux leather (leather/faux-leather is a great way to add some edge!).
✨ The textured raffia Dior purse with its luxurious gold hardware, echoing the gold hardware on the shoes and the gold watch.

Classic, with a bit of edge!

middle-aged chic woman

zara shoes and black faux leather leggings

dior raffia purse