Vintage 1950s vibes

woman in crop top and voluminous skirt

More from Tel Aviv Fashion Week! 

I love this look so much. A little daring (if you've got it, flaunt it!), while remaining extremely classy. This outfit brings to mind the 1940/1950s combination of a voluminous high-waisted skirt paired with a midriff-baring crop top, that you see in Old Hollywood movies.

Dana is currently serving in the military and came to TAFW for the fun of it. 

She's wearing a top from Adika and a gorgeous heavy brocade skirt by designer Elisabetta Franchi, taken (with permission!) from her mom's closet. You need to get up close to see the beauty of the skirt - its pattern - which is a satiny brocade of the letters that make up Elisabetta Franchi's name. 

Taking a skirt from her mom's closet isn't an unusual event for Dana - she, her sister and their mom all have great taste and share clothes. Makes me wish I were part of the family!

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woman in crop top and voluminous skirt