The power of the 3rd layer

woman in light coat

This outfit is a testament to the power of a great "third layer" - that last piece that you layer onto an outfit, with the goal of adding polish and interest. You're not necessarily adding it for warmth, you're adding it for the overall look. The third layer could be a cardigan, a blazer, a moto jacket, a trench or even a scarf.

This lovely light coat is Yelena's third layer. It's classic, a pretty, warm neutral color, and has a beautiful drape to it that really adds oomph. You look at Yelena and you don't realize that she's wearing a very simple outfit consisting of a black turtleneck, yoga pants and Whitin barefoot sock shoes - because that third layer is so impactful.

I'd also like to take the opportunity to point out another styling principle: when you have a really great, impactful piece, like this coat, you can keep the rest of your outfit simple and still look fabulous.

Yelena is originally from Russia, but currently lives in LA. She taught yoga for many years and now takes care of the elderly. Yelena radiates peace, calm and serenity. I’d venture to say that the people she cares for are very fortunate to have her.

peaceful young woman in beige coat

Whitin naked shoes