Royalty core

woman in royalty core blazer with skirt

Shilat Melamed is a budding fashion designer - still in school - and she designed the regal cream jacket she's wearing with its chiffon skirt.

These were taken at Tel Aviv Fashion Week, which she was attending with a friend from school (the woman in the green jacket).

One of the projects at her fashion school was to design and create a jacket. She wanted to make something "royalty-inspired". The result? A short, classic blazer in an aristocratic cream color with black buttons imprinted with a royal gold crest, to which she attached a burgundy chiffon train for movement.

What do you say? I think she could be a Disney princess in this outfit...

Picture this...

The movie starts off with Shilat wearing a pink Disney-princess dress as she's about to be coronated queen. But then! [Cue ominous music.] Her Evil Uncle emerges from the shadows, bent on seizing the kingdom from the rightful heiress. She fights him off... and finally overthrows him! Relieved of Evil Uncle, she stands victorious on the castle balcony to address her beloved subjects (who love her back, naturally) - and she's wearing THIS OUTFIT. Are you seeing it??? All she needs is a crown... Ooh! And a scepter!

Shilat's passion for design and fashion started as a young child. She used to remove all the clothes on her Barbies and replace them with napkins that she would fold into unique designs. She loved the feel of the paper napkin material, how it fell, and manipulating and folding it into her designs. All her Barbies ended up covered in napkins.

I don't know about you, but I look forward to following her career in fashion!

woman in a cream blazer

woman in regal cream blazer with burgundy chiffon skirt