Modest glam!

modest glam mature woman

The lovely, glam Hagit Hoffman is always perfectly done up and totally chic every time I see her. (And this time, I have pictures!)

Hagit is a psychotherapist for couples and individuals. She's also a volunteer community organizer - organizing fun trips and interesting events for the women in her community. She loves people and that comes across.

Hagit was a personal stylist and personal shopper for 15 years, when she lived in Texas. She worked with busy businesswomen, sourcing the perfect clothing and accessories for these women who were too busy to shop, or who just wanted to elevate their style.

She still puts her stylist training into action when she dresses to receive her patients. Hagit is fully aware of the messages that clothes send and consciously aims to strike the right balance: She wear nice clothes and is always put together to show her patients respect and put them at ease. At the same time, she makes sure her clothes are not conspicuous, so as not to draw attention to herself.

Hagit finds clothes everywhere (as a good stylist would!). The pictures with the mirror were her creative and fun idea!

If you're in need of a great psychotherapist for intimacy issues, feel free to contact her. Search for Hagit Hoffman at The Place.

Bag & skirt Mekimi
Vest H&M
Shawl Chico's

mature glam woman

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woman looking in the mirror

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