Sequined glam at Tel Aviv Fashion Week

glam woman on a red carpet, sequined skirt and blazer

Tel Aviv Fashion Week: Meet Shira (@shira_stylist on IG), a personal stylist from Netanya. Shira has been styling people for years, while she was still in real estate. She recently left real estate to go into styling full-time. Shira loves fashion (clearly) and picks up clothes everywhere she goes in the world. And even though some of the pieces she's wearing are international brands - she can boast that she got her sequined Bershka skirt in Bucharest, her gorgeous ZARA shoes in Paris and her Miu Miu sunglasses in Milano. (I mean, isn't it fun to be able to say "Oh this? I got it in Paris..."???😁

I love the classic glamour of her outfit, mixing the glitz of the sequins with the formality of the blazer. She stuck to a classic tri-color palette of deep emerald green, silver and white. (Three or four colors is what makes a color palette classic. More colors than that, and it's no longer considered "classic".) Shira brought interest into the outfit via the different textures and bling: the sequins in the skirt, the accordion pleats in the white satin blouse, the velvet of the blazer, and the rhinestones on the shoes.

Shira also mixes higher end with lower end fashion - cuz that's how you do it nowadays. The bag (@zadigvoltaire) and sunglasses (@MiuMiu) are higher end, with the rest of the items being more affordable.

I don't know about you, but I'm inspired to wear pull some sequins out of my closet!

Is this a look you feel you could pull off? If yes... what's stopping you?

bag @zadigvoltaire
blouse - part of a suit from @aliexpress
shoes @zara
skirt @berska
blazer @inbalpoliak
earrings @daniellacapelouto_jewellery
necklace @limorfireman_digital_jewelry

paparazzi style photo at Tel Aviv fashion week
Before I asked her to photograph Shira, I managed to grab a paparazzi-style photo.

glam woman at Tel Aviv Fashion Week

glam woman