A dapper modern gentleman

Dapper gentleman

I confess it's rare for me to find men in Israel that I want to photograph. Fortunately, I encountered this dapper gentleman and his contemporary classic style.

Gassan is from Nazareth, where he owns Rosemary Restaurant Bar, a fusion restaurant of local and international cuisines, as well as a coffee-roasting business. (Mutual friends assured me that his food is absolutely top-notch. Check it out if you're in Nazareth!)

Gassan appreciates quality clothes and enjoys looking put-together. His wife is also quite the fashionista. (Well matched, right?)

He especially loves buying clothes and accessories on vacation, and remembering the good times when he wears them. Of course, when shopping abroad, there's the added benefit of finding great deals and unique pieces. He bought his belt while doing a gelato course in Milan (so cool!); his sweater is from a trip to Turkey; and his shoes (on sale!) are from a brief stopover in New York.

I not usually a fan of black and dark brown together - but I LOVE how Gassan combined them, intentionally matching his brown JACK & JONES belt to his brown perforated Ecco shoes, with the brown accent color echoed by his watch strap. The mustard yellow sweater is a great contrast to the other colours, and the black-and-grey patterned LV scarf adds panache. His beautiful grey and white puppytooth blazer is Banana Republic. And did you notice the watch?!? *Sigh*... I love a classic brown-leather strapped watch!

Men of Israel, pay attention: THIS is how you do it.

dapper modern gentleman in blazer

contemporary classic man with scarf

man wearing a leather strap watch