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fashionista stylish man and woman in Florence

Meeting Beatrice and BF Marco was one of the highlights of my trip to Italy, a couple months ago.

For one thing... look at what they're wearing.

Need I say more?! (I need not.)

But in addition to that, when I met them, they were on their way to visit some friends at one of Florence's spectacular vintage shops - and they invited me to come with.

Hunter Vintage is an incredible vintage shop owned by a friend, where Beatrice and Marco find magnificent, unique pieces from decades back. Seeing these items for purchase, where you can touch and feel them (as opposed to only seeing them on display in a museum), was mind-blowing. The store carries original military coats and other accoutrements from WWI and WWII, as well as other vintage items (e.g., jodhpurs from a century ago). Genuine vintage. This is where Marco found his military coat.

Beatrice is from Milan, and she's the art director for DROMe, a high-end avant-garde Italian clothing line. (Looking at her, you're not surprised she's in fashion, right?) Marco is from Florence and creates bespoke mens shoes.

Beatrice's cream silk blouse is Drome, her black velvet corset is vintage and her leather pants, which fit as though they were made for her, are actually secondhand from a trip to France. The corset is the piece-de-resistance of the outfit - but really, every single item she's wearing is beautiful in its own right. Beatrice took relatively simple (albeit beautiful!) pieces and she styled them in a way that is authentically her.

And when she adds the hat and coat, she creates a truly impactful look. (Btw, can this woman pose, or what?!?)

What do you love most about the outfits? Would you wear such vintage pieces?

fashionista stylish woman in Florence

fashionista woman in Florence

fashionista stylish man and woman in Florence

vintage store in Florence