Cream and caramel

woman in caramel and cream neutrals in Florence

Shades of caramel and cream in Florence!

Name a colour after a food and I'm bound to love it.

Silvia is from Bologna. She was enjoying a sunny day in Florence with her family and kindly agreed to pose for a few pictures by the Arno river.

This is such a peaceful neutral look. I love the soft colours. Cream skirts and pants are a favourite of mine. There's something about cream/white bottoms that conveys luxury. (And in Silvia's case, the Louis Vuitton bag doesn't hurt!)

I think the psychology behind the luxuriousness of white/cream pants is that they infer that you can afford to wash them after one wear. Because they do get dirty quickly, even when you're careful.

What say you?

Yea or nay to cream or white bottoms? Why/why not?

woman in neutrals near the Arno river