Green, brown and cream

mature woman dressed well

Warm shades of cream, green and brown, with all the colours coming together in Oxana's distinctive and unique purse, and also in her scarf (ombre lime green with small brown and green flowers).

Beautiful, poised Oxana lives in Ashdod, where she works as a nurse in a retirement home. Since she was a little girl, she's always paid close attention to clothing and accessories. Oxana loves authenticity - wearing what resonates with her internally - and is not a fan of trends.
Like most people with great style, she finds clothes everywhere - browsing here and there, every so often, finding a gem.
For example: She found this olive green faux suede skirt in a store for religious women. (She herself isn't religious.)
She often finds clothes in Zara, Golbary, Stradivarius and H&M.
Her distinctive, fun purse is from Anekke, purchased on a trip to Bulgaria. Her beautifully designed asymmetric jacket is from Crazy Line.

well-dressed glam mature woman

Anekke purse


Beautiful mature woman