Emily in Israel

woman in blazer and jeans



Blazer and jeans. Python print shoes. 

A perfect, easy outfit.

Emily (@shkedi_collective on IG) is an interior designer with a retro aesthetic - mixing vintage-y pieces with modern ones, adding tons of plants and other natural elements.

If you want a go-to outfit you can rely on, that will always look good no matter what - imitate Emily. This outfit is easy to reproduce and you won’t need to think about. 

Here’s what you need:

✨ great fitting jeans (I love Emily’s jeans with the interesting button-fly detail and the rolled-up cuffs)

✨cute, white, blousy top - tucked in 

✨classic black blazer (fitted or oversized, your choice!)

✨black (or other neutral) crossbody bag

✨statement shoes (in this case, python mules)

You cannot go wrong with this look!

plus size woman in blazer and jeans