It's all about the details...

two Italian men

This fabulous man is Claudio, who’s worked at the Quintessence Firenze men’s store in Florence for the past 25 years. (He’s pictured here with a dapper friend of his, who works nearby.)

When I asked Claudio about Italian men’s style, and about what makes it unique, he told me that most important thing about any outfit is the little details - and making sure that the little details coordinate well together. And that’s what Italian men understand. It’s also what he teaches the men who come into his store, as he demonstrates to them how to pull together different accessories to create a cohesive look. If I understood him correctly, he’s also the one who sets up the window display. (Look at all those fabulous details!)

Out of curiosity, I asked him how long it takes him to get dressed in the morning, to pull together all his clothes and all his accessories. His answer? Thirty minutes.

I can respect a man who takes 30 minutes to get dressed in the morning - if this is the result!

Italian man

Shoes and socks

Italian menswear shop

Italian menswear display


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