Americans in Florence!

Americans vacationing in Florence!

coordinated couple in neutrals

I met Heather, Todd and lovely daughters Caroline and Annie, from Chicago, at the Duomo in Florence. They were on a family vacation, with their extended family.

Honestly, it never occurred to me that I'd travel to Italy and find Americans I wanted to photograph. (I love Americans! But the thought of finding stylish Americans on vacation just never occurred to me.)

But just look at this beautiful couple - this beautiful family!

(This is actually the second couple I photographed in Italy; you may recall Alex and Jennifer from San Gimignano. More Americans doing their country proud, style-wise.)

Every time I see a couple that is so well coordinated, I always ask whether it was intentional. And they always say no. It was the same for Heather and Todd. Unintentional coordination.

So what do we have here?

We've got jeans, khakis and neutrals; sneakers and Docs.

We've got some GREAT accessories: Burberry scarf, Gucci belt and an off-white statement suede coat on Heather.

Really, what more could I want out of life??

family at the Florence Duomo