Three Spaniards in Italy

three young women

These three lovely Spanish women, Veronica, Celia, Noelia, were traveling around Italy together. I caught up with them in San Gimignano. 

If you're going to do an oversized coat, do it like them: in proportion with your frame/height. 

Celia's oversized houndstooth coat (second pic) is in proportion with her shorter height. The beige and black colour scheme perfectly match the classic beige and black houndstooth of her coat. Simple. Classic. Put-together. 

Veronica's longer oversized wool coat (third pic) is also in perfect proportion with her taller frame. She's wearing jeans, an off-white sweater and light beige wool coat. Again, classic. If you like the look, you cannot go wrong buying these items and reproducing this outfit!

Noelia's outfit is perfect for travel. Soft beige pants, comfy oversized green shirt, and an orange top underneath, with the orange repeated in the stripes on her shoes. I don't know about you, but when I see someone wearing soft fabrics, I always want to touch them. (Obviously, I refrain. But the temptation is there.)

A lot of the clothes were Mango and some were also Zara, if I'm not misremembering. 

These good patriotic Spaniards have a healthy love and appreciation of Mango. (As do I!)

woman in coat and jeans

woman in wool coat

Woman in comfy clothes