Italian menswear perfection

Italian man in suit

THIS is what I'm talking about when I gush over how beautifully Italian men dress...!!!

I could post these pictures without words. Because, as far as I'm concerned, these photos of Marco are so perfect, they speak for themselves.

I spotted Marco and a couple of friends near Florence’s Pitti Palace. They were enjoying a leisurely Sunday. (I owe his lovely friends my eternal gratitude; they were instrumental in convincing Marco to let me photograph him... all the while teasing him, of course. 😂)

Marco is a policeman in Florence, so he has to wear a uniform every workday. On his days off, he takes the opportunity to express his own unique personal style.

Drink in the beauty of this outfit: the matching vest and pants, the harmonious camel/beige colour palette, the watch chain and saddle shoes that vibe perfectly with his period suit, the juxtaposition of his more modern beaded and braided leather bracelets. Am I allowed to have favorites? He’s one of mine.

Someone get this guy a modeling contract.

Italian man in suit

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