I make the clothes...

woman in jeans and white

"I make the clothes; the clothes don't make me."


Please allow me to introduce you to her highness, Queen Ester.

I kid you not - this gorgeous, radiant woman’s name is Ester… and she goes by Ester "HaMalka" ("Queen" Esther).

(And why not?)

Ester works as a makeup consultant, currently for Revlon at Superpharm, and has also worked for YSL. Everyone at work calls her Queen Ester.

She and her lovely husband Uri live in Hedera, but came to Jerusalem for a couple days' vacation.

Ester buys clothes she loves and doesn't particularly care about brand names - to quote her:

"I make the clothes; the clothes don't make me."

I love the simple, clean palette of white/cream and jeans, with delicate turquoise, gold and pearl jewelry; accessorized by arm candy hubby, in all black.

Ester HaMalka is wearing: RENUAR jeans, Mango jacket, bag and shoes from GUESS.

woman in white jacket and jeans

beautiful mature woman

Guess bag and jewelry

couple in Jerusalem