Glam in jeans and a red lip

glam jeans and black blazer

Gorgeous, glamourous Lauren doesn't really like being photographed... and despite that, she was kind enough to pose and have some fun with it. (When you look that good, it's kind of a shame not to have pictures, right?) Lauren is an extremely talented brand strategist and copywriter who helps her clients get clear on their messaging. A total boss babe, and she looks the part.

This is a winning outfit that is so easily reproducible:
Great basic boyfriend jeans, basic black crop top, basic black blazer, black belt, neutral shoes, gorgeous black bag (Brahmin Handbags) - the statement piece of this outfit - and jewelry. And that red lipstick!
I don't usually talk about makeup here, but a bold red lip can pack a punch, and elevate a look like nothing else. You just need to be willing to put up with how fussy it is. (Personally, I panic at the though of getting red lipstick on everything.) I really do love a bold red lip as part of a signature look.

glam jeans and a red lip

black blazer, jeans and a red lip

Brahmin luxury tote