attractive couple in neutrals

Beautiful, recently engaged Jennifer and Alex from California are the reason that the #couplesgoals hashtag exists - at the very least, from a style perspective. (And even though I only met them for a few minutes, they were so lovely together that I'm willing to bet they're #couplesgoals in many other areas, too.) Alex is an engineer and Jennifer is in medicine. I met them in the beautiful Tuscan city of San Gimignano, Italy's "Manhattan of the Middle Ages". Well worth a visit, as you can see.

This is neutral simplicity done perfectly:

Jennifer - in her jeans, black leather moto jacket, fitted white scoop-necked T, black lug boots and camel scarf. (And that smile!)
Jen's look is TEXTBOOK perfection! Textbook! As in, if you don't know how to get dressed for a casual day, just copy everything she wore.

Alex - in his camel coat, navy button down, cognac pants and blue sneakers. Another great look.
Each looks terrific on their own. And together, they look like they were made for one another.

Whenever I see a couple dressed in a complementary way, I always ask them whether they intentionally dressed to match one another. And I'm always a little disappointed when they say no. (They always say no.)

It was the same in Jen and Alex's case. Unplanned, fortuitous style serendipity.

attractive couple in neutrals