Classic cool in Jerusalem

man in joggers

Meet the charismatic Shlomi Ashur. (I walked up to him as he was regaling friends with a story - he's extremely charismatic.) Shlomi has been a jeweler and the owner of Ashur Jewelry at 96 Jaffa Street for the past 30 years. He doesn't have any website or social media accounts for his business. Fortunately for him, his location is so incredible - just across from the Machne Yehuda shuk - that he doesn't need any.

This is not your typical Israeli man's style. Shlomi travels a lot and so he buys nearly all his clothes abroad; most of them in Europe.

The simple colour palette (black, white and light beige), is made more interesting by the texture in the pants, and the patterns on the shoes and jacket. I always say that if you're going to wear solids, you need to bring interest to the outfit in other ways. In the case of the pants, the texture, the cut and the rolled-up hem, create the interest. The glasses add a little touch of glamour. And of course, you can't expect a jeweler to be without bling.

man in joggers and black turtleneck

houndstooth jacket and glasses

Dior shoes