Italian menswear

man standing in a doorway

When it comes to dress, no men in the world can compare to Italian men. (I will stand by that statement!)

They take every little detail into consideration and coordinate everything. This is true of the young, the old, everyone. Some of the best dressed men I've seen in Italy appeared to be in their 80s.

I'm beginning to wonder what they put in the water there.

When you come to Italy, look down while you're walking - you'll notice that most men are wearing a really great pair of shoes. Even if they're doing sneakers, they do it with panache: with sockettes so you can't see the sock, and a fitted pant, possibly rolled up, that hits just above their ankle.

A belt for them isn't just for keeping up their trousers, it's another little jewel meant to compliment their outfit.

Women have jewelry. Italian men have accessories.

Roberto is a perfect example. Roberto is a driver for a tour company. I met him at San Giminiano (not to be missed!), where he'd driven a group of tourists and was waiting for them to return. While he was waiting, he let me get a few shots.

Roberto's shoes and belt are a rich cognac shade. The cuffs of his jeans are turned up about an inch, adding interest to the simple jean look. He's dressed in the classic, harmonious, can-never-go-wrong colour combination of white, browns and navies. Add some classic Rayban glasses... and that smile!

*Sigh*... It's all so perfect.

man standing in doorway