You need neutral accessories

woman in neutrals standing against stone wall

STYLE TIP: If you want to look put-together and classic, you need to have go-to neutral accessories in your arsenal, for when black just isn't the best choice. (I'm always preaching this to my clients.)

Here to demonstrate the importance of neutral accessories is Sarit.

Her neutral cream bag and taupe shoes, both with tastefully chunky gold chains, paired with the beige blazer (with elbow patches!) and navy floral dress are so perfect! Her sunglasses are also tastefully glam. The whole look is so harmonious, classic and beautiful.

Sarit works as a project coordinator in a governmental office. And she has a passion for style. She modestly confessed that she does get complimented quite a bit. (This was in response to me saying that she must get tons of compliments!)

[I still have SO MANY photos to post from Italy, and I will be posting them. Just mixing things up a bit!]

Emanuel TLV shoes

woman in neutrals standing against stone wall

cream Kors handbag

elbow patch on blazer