Soft neutrals with a pop of red

mature woman in neutrals

This beautiful silver-haired woman is Sophie from Strasbourg, wearing lovely French neutrals. 

I love the little pop of red in her scarf and 
the detail of the rolled pant cuffs. The soft beige suede jacket with its hardware is particularly delicious. 

Sophie was really surprised that I wanted to take her photo, saying she’d just thrown everything together. 

(This was exactly what Anny, whom I'd photographed in Colmar, said. My reply, in both cases: That means you have a sense of your own style and a solid wardrobe full of clothes that go together.) 

Sophie dresses for comfort and also practicality. She has to be practical, with biking as her primary mode of travel.

Sophie credits her daughter for styling her - and for getting her to buy those shoes. 

Sophie's suede moto jacket

Sophie's sneakers

Woman in suede jacket and scarf