Earthy and natural

woman leaning against a stone wall

Susanne (@susannelev on IG) is an interior designer who also has her own line of handmade accessories.

Her latest designs are pouches, purses and pillows. (Check out her page!)

Everything she creates has a very natural, creative, fun vibe to it.

Her interiors style is also very natural and creative - she uses natural fibers and mixes patterns in a harmonious way.

Susanne is originally from Germany (she has a really delightful accent in English and Hebrew!), but has been living in Israel since 2001.

Susanne's personal style is also very natural. I love how her style is so authentically her. I also
love the repetition of that warm, earthy cognac brown throughout her outfit - shirt, bag, suede booties and sunglasses.

She keeps her accessories quite minimal, and is wearing a diamond necklace from her mom. She’s not really a diamond person, but this is sentimental.

The look is simple, harmonious and all very Susanne.

Boots @birkenstock
Bag @soho_design
Jeans @pullandbear
White top is a vintage piece

woman in brown shirt

woman's brown bag and glasses