Houndstooth and red - Milan

Woman in houndstooth coat

MILAN STREET STYLE! (Can you tell I'm excited?) 

This perfectly dressed, glamorous woman is Angela, from Milan. Somehow, between my incredibly limited Italian and a phone call to her daughter, Lydia, who explained what I wanted to do, she agreed to pose for me. (Thank you, Lydia!)

Everything about Angela is perfect! From the matching red hat and purse, and matching cream pants, turtleneck and scarf, to the way she's wrapped and tied her coatigan (a coat/cardigan hybrid is called a coatigan - now you know) and how she arranged her cream scarf under the coatigan. Following the colour scheme of the day, even her earrings are black, with white pearls.
Like I said... perfect.
This is what it looks like when an Italian pays attention to detail!
Absolutely bellisima.

woman in houndstooth and red

mature woman in Milan

Red purse and houndstooth coat