Designer bags steal the show!

2 stylish women in Milan

MORE Milan street style! (Because of course, where else would this be?)

These two women, dressed simply but impactfully, were waiting on a friend before heading inside for a late lunch.
The stunning designer bags are the stars of the outfits, in my opinion. The quilted blue Chanel that perfectly matches her jeans. The luscious army green Louis Vuitton with gold chain, paired with a Vuitton scarf in the same shade of green, worn with an entirely black outfit and combat boots. (LOVE a good combat boot!)
Their lunch companion arrived, dressed in an equally simple way, carrying a quilted Saint Laurent tote. (She preferred not to be photographed.)
One of the things I noticed while walking around the center of Milan was that so many women were dressed relatively simply, but beautifully, and carried tasteful, subtle designer bags. I thought that was interesting.
Luxury bags seemed to be a "thing" in Milan. They're not everyone's cup of tea, and certainly not everyone can afford them, but I confess I do love them and I appreciate an outfit built around that one special piece.

two stylish women in front of D&G cafe in Milan