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man and woman in love

Arya and Milan were the first of a number of beautiful couples I photographed in Italy.

It was drizzling in Milan on the day I met them, and one of the first things I noticed was how perfectly Arya's black-and-cream polka-dotted umbrella matched her outfit. (I know - SUCH a weird thing to notice.)

I love Arya's soft colours (cream, light beige) and textures (fleece-like dress, quilted jacket), against the stark, shiny black boots and bag. Her fingerless gloves are striped black and cream, and the aforementioned umbrella is in the same colour scheme.

Milan is wearing all black, except for white sneakers. Together, they are a beautifully match. (Btw, if you're looking at Milan and thinking "He looks like he could be a model." - he did actually model in Italy for Armani about 7 years ago. Cool, huh?)

One of the things I love most about stopping strangers in the street to photograph them is hearing their stories.

Arya and Milan married about a year ago, and they owe their gratitude to Covid. It's how they met.

Arya is from Turkey, and Milan is from Budapest. He was in Turkey during at the start of Covid. At one point, a mutual friend invited them over at the same time. They met, sparks flew… and the rest is history! (It's always nice to hear when something good comes out of something like that.)

beautiful woman

beautiful woman