Sequins and sportswear


woman in sequined skirt and sportswear

Meet Maya. Maya is the owner of Pola - חנות בגדים יד שניה a secondhand boutique on Herbert Samuel 4, near Ben Yehuda. She's been in this space before for her dazzling glamour and joyful effervescence. Love her energy!

Maya worked as a stylist for huge happenings and events. In the course of her work, she amassed a giant stock of unique items (like the purses in the photo), and so she decided to open a secondhand shop in the center of town and name it after her grandmother.

As one does.

I absolutely love this outfit - I'm a sucker for anything sequined, and this glam silver-and-black sequined skirt with a side slit has me drooling. She paired it with a red, white and black sports jersey, sporty red-and-white Adidas slides, a knotted black-and-white bandana on her head, giant red rings and sassy hoop earrings.

What makes the outfit work so well - despite the ostensibly clashing styles (glam sequins with sportswear... whodathunk?) - is the colours. She stuck to a palette of red, white, silver and black. (The sports jersey is the piece that pulls it all together.) And it WORKS.

Pro tip: If you want to reproduce such a look - mixing and matching different patterns or different styles - stick to items with the same colour palette.

Pop into Pola for unique pieces you won't find anywhere else... or just to see what inspired outfit Maya is wearing on that particular day.

woman posing in sequined skirt in front of dumpster

woman with fun purses