Nighttime mood


man standing by a table and chairs at night

Men with great style are something of a rarity in Jerusalem. (Unfortunately.) 

Dor and his new bride Lior were waiting for a table at Pizzeria Flora at the shuk when I asked if I could photograph them. (She respectfully declined.) We did our best to get some decent shots in the dark.

Dor and his wife are originally from Jerusalem, but currently live in Ariel for their studies. 

I asked Dor about his style influences, and where he gets his clothes - because he CLEARLY doesn't dress like the typical Israeli man. 

Style influence: primarily Instagram. And he buys his clothes from Zara, among other places.

It’s such a simple look… but well executed. The cut of the pants and the cuff, the simple casual button-down, white sneakers and masculine jewelry (silver bracelet and ring)… It all works so well. Simple, but impactful.

man sitting at a table at night