Neutrals with little foxes

woman in neutrals standing in front of a green door

Anny was really sweet AND really shocked that I wanted to photograph her. I met her in the quaint village of Colmar, France. She's from Freiburg, and was visiting for the day with her SO. I always ask the people I photograph what they do for a living. (I’m curious - and often, it's something in the fashion or beauty industry.) Anny has an unusual job… she teaches English, French and German in a men's prison in Germany. Interesting, right!?

When I complimented her outfit, she told me she'd just thrown it together, without much thought. That means that she has a very solid collection of clothes and accessories, if she doesn't need to put any thought into her outfit!

Anny says she finds clothes everywhere, but especially in Paris, and doesn't look for particular brands - just for pieces she loves.  

I love the rich mahogany brown leather jacket and bag, and I adored her shirt with the unique geometric fox print (the foxes are composed of small brown, blue and white triangles).

This was one of many beautiful neutral outfits typical of French and German style. 

People-watching there was an absolute education! It was so impactful for me that I wrote a blog post about it here: 

You're welcome to check it out!

close up of woman
There are little foxes made up of blue, white and brown triangles on her shirt!

close up of brown leather bag