Light summer neutrals

woman dressed in neutrals

I love the lightness of this all-neutral outfit. I love the asymmetric top and summer-y vibe of the drawstring pants, paired with the straw bag and espadrilles. 

A perfect summer look. 

Liraz was with her husband and another young couple. They live in Haifa, and came up for a day of fun in Jerusalem. I ran into them near the shuk. Even though they were in a bit of a rush, Liraz was willing to play along and do a super-quick photoshoot. (I got her IG handle wrong and there are a million Liraz Bitons, apparently, so if you know her, tag her!)

Bag is Guess
Pants are Zara
Top is Fashionclubil
Shoes are Pull & Bear

woman dressed in neutrals on the streets of Jerusalem