Jerusalem Fashion Tour


woman in bright clothes

I went on a fashion tour of Jerusalem with the absolutely fabulous, totally glamourous personal stylist Yael Bar-Zion.

Two of Yael's great passions are: Jerusalem and colour - which she combines on her fashion tours of this beautiful city.
(If you love colour - follow Yael for inspiration. You will not be disappointed - she is THE expert.)

Yael wanted to highlight local Jerusalem artisans and designers, and introduce people to clothing and jewelry boutiques they might not otherwise discover. So she started her nearly-daily fashion tours, which she offers in English and in Hebrew. Very soon, she will be offering fashion tours in Tel Aviv.

Yael is enthusiastic and knowledgeable and her tours are an upbeat experience. (You can tell that just from the pictures, right? If you're not in a good mood at the beginning, you will be, by the end. Her joy is contagious.)

For more information, check out her Facebook page.

Her uniquely beautiful green leather clutch is handmade by Israeli designer Rinat Lieber of Liberina Bags, available on Etsy. There's a surprise on the inside of her bags. 😉 Check her out, as well!

Pants Mango
Shoes ZARA

Woman dressed in colourful clothes
Yael Bar Zion

green clutch with bronze horse
Liberina Bags clutch