Sitting pretty at a cafe

woman sitting at a cafe and smiling

The vibrant orange and gold head covering was the first thing that caught my eye. It totally popped against her surroundings. (And if you are wearing gold anywhere in your outfit, I will want to photograph you. It's my Achilles heel, gold... also, turquoise.)

Beautiful, radiant Raya was having breakfast at the Teller Bakery with her husband, Amos, who also loves fashion and style. Rays and Amos are the parents of 8 girls, 4 boys, and the grandparents of 9 grandkids. And get this: Amos sometimes buys clothes for Raya, brings them home - and she always loves them.

How many husbands can boast of such a thing???

Raya is currently working on her Ph.D. studying the folklore of Ashkenazi Hasidim. She loves colour, prints and classic European style.

I asked her for an interesting tidbit learned during her studies and she shared this fact:
The origins of the clothes that Hasidic men wear today are actually from the non-Jewish Eastern European culture of a couple hundred years ago - not the Jewish culture.
Isn't that a fascinating and unexpected fact?

Top S.Wear
Head covering Cameleon
Shoes Nike
Skirt Mango

woman standing against a wall

man and woman at a table
Raya and Amos