Glowing in gold


beautiful pregnant lady in gold dress and sandals

Ok, so I'm actually cheating by posting this, because I didn't take this photo - my client's husband did.

But since she's so gorgeous and glowing, and since it's got the same vibe as Jerusalem Street Style, I really had no choice but to post.

Aurora loves glitz, glamour and sparkle - done tastefully, of course.

She used to hate shopping, but - shameless plug! - after working with me, she no longer finds it so daunting. In fact, she's actually enjoying shopping for items she loves, now that she's clear on her style and knows what to look for.

Here, she's wearing a black/gold dress from Avishag Arbel, gold Yanga sandals, a black bag with gold hardware from Aldo. You can see she loves glitz and glamour!

And isn't she glamourous?