Neon green at Zion Square

girls in neon green jackets and white pleated skirts

These two beautiful young women, Talya and Moriah, were standing in the midst of a crowded Zion Square. And let me tell you, they stood out. That neon green blazer - x2!

Were they twins? Were they doing a bit? What was this???
I was overcome with curiosity - and joy… something about their outfits just made me happy.

As I drew closer, it became clear that they were neither twins, nor even sisters.

"What's this [gesturing to their outfits] all about?" I asked.

They smiled enigmatically, like Cheshire cats, and didn't reply.

I explained them I'm a personal stylist and that I take street style photos of people I come across with their own unique style. They agreed to a short photoshoot.

Aside from the neon green of their jackets, the thing that stood out to me the most, the element I loved the most was: the socks and shoes combination. It brought me back to the '80s and '90s. I don't remember feeling any particular way about it then, but I love it now. (Nostalgia?)

The girls are from Afula, have just finished high school and are working out what to do with the rest of their lives. Despite repeated entreatments to reveal what was behind the matching outfit, no meaningful explanation was forthcoming. They'd bought these outfits, loved them, and decided to wear them on a day out to Jerusalem.

Blazers and skirts are from C Style (which they love and described as "cute clothes for religious girls"), bags are Shein.

girls in neon green jackets and white skirts

socks and shoes
Love the socks and shoes!