Graceful in Mango

woman standing against turquoise fence in Jaffa

Shireen Sabbah Basha always radiates grace, class and a sense of peace. She's also the owner of one of my favourite IG pages (@shireen5577).

Shireen's well-developed sense of aesthetics serves her well at work - she's a visual merchandiser for Mango Israel, designing the store displays.

Her style is classic with a modern touch, and she's doesn't shy away from the occasional bold choice. (Visit her page for more outfits, and also to feast your eyes on a beautiful page.)

Here, she's wearing a very classic Mango logo-ed blouse and trousers; a large portion of her wardrobe is Mango. I love her subtle gold jewelry and the pointy nude flats that match the colour of the print in her blouse.

Isn't Mango lucky to have her working there?
Personally, I think she should model for them.

woman against white corrugated metal fence

woman crouched down to look at dog