Classic, with a touch of romance


photograph of a couple looking at each other
Avishag and Ariel

Beautifully classic and aristocratic, with a touch of romance.
Avishag and husband Ariel, sighted at Machne Yehuda.

When I came across these two strolling through the shuk on a Thursday evening, Ariel was holding Avishag's jacket for her - gentleman that he is - so I initially thought the jacket was his. And I couldn't believe I'd found a man with such a beautifully classic, aristocratic jacket in Israel. (I still haven't...)

The couple live in Rosh HaAyin, but came to Jerusalem, Avishag's hometown, to celebrate her birthday.

Avishag introduced me to a favourite brand of hers: Apparalel (blazer and skirt). They have a classic, timeless, modest aesthetic and I can see why she loves them.
Shirt is H&M.