Rocker Chick Chic


Rocker Chick Chic.
I caught up with this cool, beautiful woman on the streets of downtown Jerusalem.

Chen studies nursing and currently works at City Hall (in the parking tickets department! I think she's the first person I've EVER met who works in the parking tickets department!).

I love how she combined the classic trousers and blazer with the graphic t-shirt, the contrast of classic with super casual. This is what makes for cool (plus this "je ne sais quoi" that some people have... that Chen has in spades).

According to Chen (and she’s right!), it's a shame there isn't more awareness of plus-sized bodies in the fashion industry, and more clothing options for plus sizes.

Chen's trousers are Calvin Klein (purchased in the US), shoes are Zara, jacket is Shein and t-shirt is H&M.

She's also wearing some really fabulous rings.