Audrey Hepburn with a twist...

How absolutely FABULOUS is Lily? She's giving me Audrey Hepburn vibes, with an Iris Apfel twist (those glasses!).

I have a backlog of street style photos in my phone, just waiting to be posted... and yet, I'm compelled to post these pictures taken this morning.

Lily is retired, but to keep busy, she works part-time in an accounting firm. Her style morphs on a daily basis. Every single day, she decides what look she wants to wear. Her wardrobe varies drastically from classic and tailored, to relaxed and comfortable, to more creative and "out there". And she loves and feels like herself in ALL these looks. She's been involved in design and art her entire life; and one of her daughters is an actual artist.

Lily told me she wasn't photogenic. Clearly, she's very wrong!

What do you love best about her look?

(Bag is Nine West, dress is from a trip to Italy.)